Welcome to my Star Bright: Star Ship Rules

Dissatisfied with the rules out there for large star ship fleet actions, I started work on my own set.

While I have run a few games with them, they aren't done, but you are welcome to use them as you wish:

Send comments to me via jokeefe at jamesokeefe dot org or voice/txt to (617) 863-0385.

1/2400 Post-WW2 Naval Miniature Pictures

I have steadily gathered a cache of pictures that I archived for your reference and viewing pleasure. I last updated them on 05/25/2019. Eventually, I will put them in a useful browser order using s jolly H4‘s comprehensive list.

Finding pictures of miniatures, painted or not, via searches tends to turn up very few pictures. The best sources tend to be the few blogs of modern naval miniatures players (av8rmongo being a good one) or people selling them on eBay. The most prolific purveyor of said painted miniatures is gak8346.

If you want to share pictures with the collection, would like attribution for your picture, or want me to take your picture down, email me at jokeefe at jamesokeefe dot org.

My Pictures

You can find my pictures on the wargaming part of my blog.

That will have to do until I get around to updating them.